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Online coaching program

  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    Month to Month Online Coaching Experience
    • Custom Workout Program (Strength, Cardio, Mobility)
    • Personalized Nutrition Coaching (Meal Plan, Tracking, etc)
    • Daily Messaging & Communication
    • Video Demonstration of Exercises & Video Form Corrections
    • Analytics, Progress Reports & Photos, Performance Review

after you sign-up


Congrats, you just signed up for BokunStrong Online Coaching! The first thing that I will do is reach out to you to and get in contact. I will send you over the online coaching questionnaire google form via email. It will take about 15 minutes to complete and submit. 


We will schedule an initial Zoom Session if you purchased the Gold Plan. If not, you will just get set up with your Trainerize Profile!


You will get an invitation to set up your Trainerize online profile. This will be your all-in-one hub for all things training/nutrition. All training information and communication will be done here or via e-mail!

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